The Witcher 3 Patch 1.12 Çıktı

witcher3uptadehaber               “Patch 1.12 neler getiriyor ?”
Cd projekt firmasının meşhur oyunu olan The Witcher serisinin 3’cü oyunu için  patch (yaması)1.12 Pc,Ps4,Xbox one için çıktı.Bakalım bu güncelleme oyuna neler getiriyor.

Patch 1.12 Değişiklikler:

Hearts of Stone:
-Fixes issue whereby achievement titled Wild Rose Dethorned could not be
-Fixes interaction on pickaxe in quest titled Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price.
-Fixes issue (in majority of contexts) whereby not all diagrams could be collected in
quest titled From Ofier’s Distant Shores.
-Fixes rare issue whereby some players were prevented from spreading smoke
throughout all rooms in crypt during quest titled Dead Man’s Party.
-Fixes issue whereby book merchant named Marcus T.K. Hodgson failed to appear in
market square in Novigrad.
-Fixes rare issue whereby some Knights of the Flaming Rose in quest titled Open
Sesame! in Hearts of Stone expansion could not be killed.
-Introduces a number of improvements to general game performance.
-Fixes issue whereby treasure hunt titled The Drakenborg Redemption remained in
Journal despite completion of all objectives.
-Fixes issue whereby swapping of enchanted gear within Inventory granted
permanent bonuses to statistics.
– Fixes issue whereby treasure hunt titled The Royal Air Force remained in Journal
despite completion of all objectives.
-Fixes issue whereby players could not eavesdrop on guards during quest titled
Witcher Seasonings in Hearts of Stone expansion.
-Fixes issue whereby some players could not talk to Shani at certain juncture of quest
titled Dead Man’s Party in Hearts of Stone expansion.
-introduces a series of minor difficulty balance tweaks at all difficulty levels in Hearts
of Stone expansion.
-Fixes rare issue whereby inebriation effect would persist on screen after quest titled
Dead Man’s Party in Hearts of Stone expansion.
-Fixes issue whereby phase titled Enchanting: Start-up Costs would remain in Journal
after Enchanter was paid relevant amount.
-Fixes incorrect Stamina bonus granted for Caparison of Lament in New Game + mode.
-Fixes incorrect mesh appearing on Viper School swords in New Game + mode.

-Fixes previously unlootable container within Kaer Morhen watchtower during quest
titled Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear.
-Fixes rare issue whereby a doll could not be picked up in quest titled Where the Cat
and Wolf Play.
-Fixes specific user’s issue with werewolf in quest titled Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted.

Main Game Gameplay:
-Fixes issue whereby some toxic gas clouds failed to poison or deal damage to player
-Fixes issue whereby scabbard meshes were missing from witchers other than Geralt.
-Fixes rare issue whereby attacks performed near friendly NPCs resulted in
unintended regeneration of Stamina.
-Fixes exploit involving Alchemy skill titled Tissue Transmutation.
-Fixes issue whereby quickslots could disappear if game difficulty level was changed
during combat.
-Fixes exploit involving Superior White Raffard’s Decoction and skill named Delayed
-Fixes rare issue whereby skill named Flood of Anger incorrectly enabled Signs Tree
and enhanced Sign Intensity permanently.
– introduces fix whereby special bonus granted by Superior Blizzard will take effect
only when slow-motion is triggered.
-Fixes a number of issues affecting potion called Chort decoction.
-Fixes rare issue whereby some mini-bosses could become immortal under certain
-Fixes misleading message displayed when players attempted to cast Signs in combat,
while enveloped by a cloud resulting from the detonation of a Dimeritium Bomb.

-Fixes issue whereby items in merchants’ stores could not be compared to currently
equipped items.
-Fixes exploit whereby some items (runes, glyphs) could be upgraded infinitely.
-introduces UI enhancement whereby herb name is now displayed above available
-Fixes issue whereby keys/controls (mouse and keyboard) were not unbound from
current setting when attempted.
-Fixes issue whereby Toggle HUD button would not always work correctly during set
-introduces enhancement whereby ingredients required for a pinned formula and in
possession of a merchant are now highlighted in said merchant’s Shop screen.
-improves quest tracking by enabling tracking of objectives across different game
-Fixes issue whereby Witcher Medallion and statistics bar could disappear if game
difficulty level was changed during combat.
-introduces enhancement on PC systems whereby weapon and armor repair kits can
now be applied via drag and drop.
-Fixes issue on PC systems whereby toggling HUD did not work correctly on QWERTZ
and AZERTY keyboard configurations.

Living World:
-Fixes issue whereby treasure hunt titled Shortcut would not complete correctly.
-Fixes issue whereby destroyed monster nests would respawn after a time.
-Fixes rare issue whereby Shop screen would not open correctly for traveling
-Fixes issue whereby NPCs failed to return to abandoned settlement named Ruined

-Fixes issue whereby some human foes could have empty Vitality bars and thus could
not be killed.
-Fixes rare issue whereby some players could not talk to Fergus during quest titled
Master Armorers.
-Fixes rare issue whereby a monster disappeared incorrectly during quest titled
Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route.
-Restores notice regarding quest titled Races: Crow’s Perch to notice board at said ingame location.
-Fixes premature display of objective involving placement of a book on a pedestal in
quest titled The Witchers’ Forge.
-Fixes rare issue whereby relevant reward was not granted for completion of Contract:
The Creature from the Oxenfurt Forest.
-Fixes issue whereby encounter with caged wyvern near Oxenfurt was inactive.
-Fixes a number of rare issues with blacksmith in Mulbrydale in quest titled Person in
-Fixes issue whereby quest titled Novigrad, Closed City II would incorrectly be tagged
as failed if completed prior to installation of patch 1.10.
-introduces balance improvement whereby prices of goods throughout Skellige drop
by 10% after Geralt kills the giant and agrees to take all the credit for it in quest titled
The Lord of Undvik.
-Fixes issue whereby quests titled The Nobleman Statuette and The Soldier Statuette
were incorrectly and prematurely deactivated and could not be completed.
-Fixes incorrect map-pin in treasure hunt titled Freya Be Praised!
-Fixes rarely occurring technical glitch whereby older patch fixes failed to work
-Fixes rare issue whereby players could not talk to Hattori after completing quest
titled Of Swords and Dumplings.
-Fixes rare issue whereby Nidas would fail to appear in Novigrad during quest titled
Black Pearl.
-Fixes issue whereby treasure hunt titled Temerian Valuables would not complete
-Fixes rare issue whereby quest titled Get Junior would remain active in Journal after
game was completed.
-Fixes issues whereby some Character glossary entries were displayed incorrectly in
-Fixes issue whereby quest titled Free Spirit could not be completed.

-Fixes appearance on screen of unwanted visual artifacts after Geralt was teleported
to new locations.
-improves transitions between distinct scenes and gameplay sequences.

-Fixes issue whereby launching The Witcher 3 on systems running the Windows OS
discarded sRGB settings in users’ ICC profiles.

-Fixes rare issue whereby NPC animations would playback at reduced speed after
quest titled On Thin Ice.
-Fixes issue whereby quest titled Faithful Friend would incorrectly remain tagged as
failed after quest titled Something Ends, Something Begins was completed.